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hey guys! so recently I signed up for something called Swagbucks. It’s completely free, and basically you collect “swagbucks” by doing the simplest things, and then you can redeem those swagbucks for gift cards.

you can earn SB by just signing up and creating your profile. you can also earn SB by completing surveys, participating in polls, playing games, using their search engine (it’s just like Google), or watching videos. 

this is actually COMPLETELY safe and you have absolutely nothing to worry about because my friends have gotten gift cards and bought things, and I know from personal experience. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask, but seriously guys, this is such an easy way to get things without spending money. (Although they do have offers where if you buy something from a certain store, or open up a bank account with a certain bank, then you get SB, but it’s not necessary at all.) 


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"Your mother may seem overbearing but that’s because she carried you for nine months and you need to remember that you’re the only one who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside."I know I don’t say it enough but I love you, mom (via unpoeticheartbreak)

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New Yankee Candles I got today! They were 20% off so why not.
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Drinks at Disneyland👌
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Oreo & Nutella Treats - As Requested!Ice Cream Cake!

so there’s this app called feature points. and its a really simple app. they give you apps to download/try out, and when you download them, you get points. eventually, these points add up, and you can get rewards for them! so far, these are the rewards i’ve used with my points… yes $120 in paypal funds. so i suggest you try it out! it’s free and so are the apps you download.
heres the link to get the app: http://featu.re/F4RA2C
if you download the app onto your phone, use the code F4RA2C
you get 50 points just for signing up! and make sure you share with your friends too!
have fun :) and if you dont like the app, you can just delete it at any time :)